Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marriage And Sex Patterns :Sociological Approach

It is known by research as a global pattern that poverty forces women into sexual slavery as prostitutes. But they may never escape poverty and may well fall victims to AIDS, which is spreading rapidly in Africa and South East Asia.
In India, poor people like most of the world, favor the boys over girls. They perceive the girls as economic liability, because in poor societies most power and wealth falls in the hands of males. Therefore, parents prefer to have boys rather than girls. In addition, customs dictate that parents of the girl offer a dowry to the prospective husband family. Culturally, we may say that in the social structure, families with only boys are better off than families with girls. As consequence, in rural India and China and other Asian countries, there are high rates of sex-selective abortion through clinics.
In Thailand: the other related issue, is the number of prostitutes is mounting, for example, in Thailand alone, there is close to two million prostitutes, which constitutes 8% of the country's population. And almost half of them are under eighteen years of age. It is reported that 40% of them are infected with the virus that causes AIDS.
Prostitution and sex-slavery presented Thailand as the sex-tourism capital of the world. In some cases parents sell their daughters for others to raise them and later work as agents when girls approach their teenage years. In cities these girls became victims of pimps system to solicit them in bars or performing in sex shows, they fell in dept bondage that keeps them prisoners of the system where no escape.
For girls who managed to survive infancy, gender bias present over-whelming barriers. Generally speaking, in some nations like India and Thailand, parents provide girls with less food, education and medical services than the give boys. In time of drought or other economic crunch families leave girls to die out. I have read once that the invention of soap had served the young and old people to relax their sexual prone practices. And helped men and women to freely practice their urges for sexual operations.

Arab and Muslim womenIssues!

There are certain points related to Arab and Muslim women. In this part we cover three of them, in part two, however, five other points will be covered.
Cruel Punishment: Some readers believe that there is no reason to shoot someone in the head six times, and to dagger someone's neck till his head falls off his body. This is cruel act. It's no reason to take someone's life away. But can they ask the same in western societies? They usually have Gas killing, and in the old west, hanging was executed for stealing a horse. It is a fact that a husband surely must have two-to- four wives, or was indeed going to have two-to-four wives. Unmarried couple will be flogged 100 times, male or female, Both will get the same penalty. If they chose to keep quiet, asking the forgiveness from the Lord Himself, He is All Forgiving. The authorities in this case, will not know and the punishment will not be carried out. It is all covered and secretly done. It is the duty of the authorities to carry out the punishment if they knew. Now that being said....Islamic laws has always been fair for many ages. It is the society and the interpretation of Islamic law by the government of the country that made it harsh, it may be cultural matter rather than Islamic law. One must understand Saudis way of enforcing their Islamic laws or cultural ones, which I feel is more traditional than the real embodiment of Islamic spirit. Many people think that was right. If a woman or a man committed adultery. She/he betrayed their family. And in case they are married they, in fact betrayed the institution of marriage. Men are responsible too: There are always two to commit adultery. Some people trying to say that women make men do things against their will and seduce them when they want? Are men bunch of sheep without their own will who do whatever women want? Are men weaklings incapable to control their lust and urges? That way of thinking reminds me of one of the Australian Muslim mullahs who said women are guilty of being raped because they are not covered from head to toe. Did he want to tell us that if men sees a woman that is not veiled they can't control themselves? What type of men are these men? Adultery is committed in all societies, and the right of women to say no for sexual intercourse, in many societies is punishable by law. The American society is a good example, look at university research data on rape and women abuse. In terms of men are more responsible for adultery, boys probably fall in love just like a girl does. And they probably seduced girls as much as girls seduced boys and probably even more, because an Arab or non Arab girl, a Saudi or Qatari woman is raised not to show initiative and to do what men tell her to do. No one may conclude that adultery was a woman's fault only? Unless was like the Mullah of Australia. And that a man couldn't choose to walk away and chooses to commit adultery as much as she did. God gave us free will to do what is right. Why do people blame other people for their decisions? Women sometimes are at least faithful to her feelings and nature. The writer might not like to praise what a man or woman does (In adultery) but he admires a girl's courage to be true to herself and accept the cultural punishment according to the Law. Everyone I believe, is responsible for their own actions, and women alone are not to blame for men's emotions.

Arab and Muslim women Issues!

There are certain points related to Arab and Muslim women. We covered three of these points in previous article, here are the rest examples:
Parenting In the Arab and Muslim world: In the Parenting an Arab and Muslim girl, parents give girls everything they wanted. They treat them sincerely and kindly. And when they were at the right age, the family chose a good husband for her, in what called in sociology, arranged marriages which is popular in the Arab and Muslim world. a good man, the family knows. But some young ladies had ideas of their own. Therefore, they rebelled. They have choices: one is to refuse the proposed person. And deny fulfilling the marriage contract. Or for other reason such as going to complete their education at the university, in local or far communities. May be other countries differ from the place of origin. If they are married, they usually did not love the selected husband who was forced on her at the beginning. In Saudi Arabia, and many other Muslim and Arab countries, woman still should not be allowed to raise her voice. They call it "Awrah", a "shameful act" by women to raise their voice when men are present. A woman is considered of a "lower, inferior sex" by choice, some say, because the Islamic culture promotes certain ethics in terms of women behavior. That she should not act like a man. The man is the master, or the over hand in marriage or in the family, a young brother can control his elder sister, this is common in Arab and Muslim countries. As she's the wife, not the slave as some people like to say. Soon after a woman marriage she usually live in the extended family, but these days the newly married couple have their own house. They may leave to other community as we said, and fell in love in that different environment. No girl or boy may fall in love "deliberately." Even a veiled woman, but women usually conceal their love from family. It is sometimes told to close female friends. Lover in Arab and Muslim world become in danger position, some people consider love as illegal and forbidden. But lovers may die for their love. They may sacrifice themselves for the lover safety.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Discussing Sex in the Arab World

Talking about sex in the Arab world is an abomination. There is a string soul which is courageous enough to come out and talk about sex in a TV show that broadcasts over the whole of middle east. She is Dr. Heba Kotb and uncovers most of the sex secrets in this part of the world. The show that takes place in Cairo, Egypt talks about sex and Ramadan, sex over the Internet, masturbation and also sex during the wedding night. The sex allowed in the Quran and that is why the religious mother has agreed to talk about it. Talking about sex without shame is not easy and a lot of campaign is needed in the Arab world. The talk show is increasingly gaining popularity and the host is trying her best to push the sexual envelope even further.
The advice to many married Arab couples is to have a lot of sex since they cannot have it anywhere else. They have to get from their spouse.

The men are also advised to practice foreplay with their wives and have it even when they do not feel like having it. There is a passage in the quran that discusses about sex and Dr. Kotb wanted to use it to enlighten people about sex in the Arab world. The passage teaches that wives are like tilth to the husband and so the tilth or the land to be cultivated should be well prepared. When this woman was doing that research she was proud of her religion because the had discovered the importance of sexual education way before science inventions.

And people are doing just that. The show is gaining popularity throughout the Middle East. So much so that Kotb just signed with a new production company and plans to push the sexual envelope even further in her discussions. This has not been easy as most women residing at the middle town refused to talk about sex. It was sensitive topic in the Muslim world the men were a bit open about the topic but still lacked enthusiasm. The sex subject also include extra marital affairs, teen pregnancies, and homosexuality too. However such things are not discussed in the sex in the Arab world show. The conservatives still think that sex should never be a topic of discussion.

The sexologist says that she is not about to slow down in discussing about sex in the Arab world even if she receives criticism. She is dedicated in helping people especially young girls and boys who might not be knowing anything about sexuality. The challenges are many but she is not just about to give up. Many misinterpret her career and think that she is encouraging people to sleep around. She said that she is proud about teaching people to sleep with each other best but not to sleep around. The hypocrisy in many parts of the world regarding sex breeds to many bad things. If only people of different cultures can come out and talk about sex without fear or shame, relationships would be great havens.